BMG Online Space has different designs & layouts throughout it's pages - this is to show my web design skills - the website is not broken!






About BMG Online Space

The BMG Online Space website has different designs & layouts throughout it's many web pages, this is to show my web design skills and what technology I develope my website with.

This website is not broken.

Below I have screen grabed all the main elements of my website, from design & layouts to other extras used on my website.

To start with I know how to embed content into my website as I have the BBC Radio 1 stream to the left of this pink box from the BBC iPlayer.

Check it out.

Why not play BBC Radio 1 while you browse this page about my website.


The next three images are different designs and layouts of the main part of the website. Note the navigation is different on the designs, I have also experimented with the background colours and even a background image. I have also thought about how video content is displayed on my site, I always try to keep my design simple and sleek, not to overcomplicated. To view these parts of my website just click on the screen grabs.


With the next image this is of my PacMan Mini website for the Digital Sound & Video Production unit at university, we made a real life PacMan viral video. To view this website click on the screen grab or here.


With all the website so far it has been built using html and css with the exception of the PacMan Mini site that has also some flash elements involved. The next three images are also part of my website but they are built in a seperate way. These screen grabs are of my Wordpress system, all I have done is customised the templates and css files to make my own look, headers, text colour and background colour. To view the wordpress templates click on the screen grabs to enlarge, you can also visit my wordpress by clicking on the facebook style screen grab or here.


The next image is of my online portfolio design & layout, you can also visit by clicking on the screen grab it's self. Nice and sleek design.


The next image is of my BMG Online Space YouTube Channel, and I have managed to customise it in the style of my front page to my main website. It's not exactly the same but you can only customise certain parts. Again just click on the screen grab to take you there.


More about embeding content into my website, I am familar with all the main types of media and delivery systems from Quicktime, Flash Animations and Videos, Real Player, Windows Media Player formats, I find it quite easy to do. View the screen grab by clicking it.


On my Wordpress I have made a page for my delicious social bookmarking, but in Wordpress you can install third party plugins to pull in other data, in this instance I installed a PHP editor and delicious for Wordpress plugin to display my bookmarks without viewing the actual website. Again just click on the screen grab to take you to my Wordpress delicious page.


I am also testing and developing a Google Earth Layer with some of my content on my website. It is not much but you can download and see how it works for my website, I have managed to be able to update this layer without the user downloading again which is cool. This Google Layer will be udated over time. Just click on the screen grab to take you to my Google Layer download page.


I also have nice designed and displayed photo galleries on my website, this is a little help from Apple and the handy iFrame to embed a website in a website, makes it look top notch. Just click on the screen grab to take you to the Red Arrows photos.


I have also used some handy tecnologies from Google, in which I have my own website search engine provided by Google. I also use Google Analytics to track my web traffic to and from my website, these two products just involve using the right bit of code provided by Google themselfs for free.