Ben M Giles Online Space 2008: FDA Interactive Media Projects: Digital Sound and Video Production (Pacman and Inky with Jaf and Tom)


Digital Sound and Video Production


Create a viral video piece two minutes in length. Be creative and original; make a video people will want to watch over and over and send to their friends. Videos should be in Quick-time format and no larger than 100MB in size. Finished videos will be uploaded to the youtube website as a group. All footage used should be acquired by yourself with the use of a mini DV camcorder.

"The term viral video refers to video clip content which gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through email or IM messages, blogs and other media sharing websites. Viral videos are often humorous in nature and may range from televised comedy sketches such as Saturday Night Live's Lazy Sunday to unintentionally released amateur video clips like Star Wars kid or Ask a Ninja."

(Wikipedia®2007 - Viral Video last updated 27 March 2007)


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