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Interface Design Principles (Sky Bloom)

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The aim of this unit is to enable students to investigate the design elements of user interfaces for interactive systems. The problems of human computer interface design are inextricably linked with graphic design for both multimedia presentations and online documentation. Students will learn appropriate use of colour, animation, screen metaphor, navigational devices, visual and audio feedback. Through this unit students should gain a broader understanding of the psychology and the principles and practice of user interface design.


Devise a new method for users to physically interact with Sky content for channels Sky Sports, Sky News, Sky Movies or Sky One.

Consider the range of physical devices that could provide the user with novel or unusual modes of interaction. For example look at the Wii & PS3 technology that allow users to fully interact with a game via their gyro-based remotes or the Touch screen technologies such as those developed by Jeff Han at NYU

Consider the nature of our experience of television, film and multimedia in solitary and social contexts. Look at other examples of digital communities such as the online gaming community. Your ideas do not have to be TV, they could be mobile, web or any other device/medium you propose or a combination of several of these.

Consider mobile devices and Web interaction being integrated to the concept rather than supporting media.

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