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Motion Graphics

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Motion Graphics has developed rapidly in recent years as an extension of both the television and film industries. With the similar growth of broadband, students will find it essential to have experience of compositing moving images. This unit will give students a good working knowledge of compositing applications and techniques. Students considering a third year on the BA Film & Animation course will gain valuable experience from this unit.


For this assignment you are required to take a piece of music, an excerpt from a film or a poem to be used as a soundtrack and produce an animated piece of Kinetic Typography in After Effects for it. You will be shown examples of Kinetic Type and discuss the use of type design in motion graphics. Your finished piece should be no more than 3 minutes in length and should be a graphic representation in type of your soundtrack. Issues of use of colour, readability, timing and motion are all things you should focus on as well as the idea of storytelling through vissual imagery.

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