The Placement module provides the opportunity for you to apply your practical multimedia and research skills in work placements that you organise in liaison with the Workplace Co-ordinator and industry professionals.

Your placement should involve a minimum of ten days spent working with a designer(s) or appropriate other placement provider. At this stage during your work based learning, it is likely that you will work within a studio environment, however, the onus is on the individual to establish what kind of multimedia/placement they hope to work with and if possible establish links with the appropriate individual(s)

At all times during work placement you must remember you are working in a professional environment, therefore time keeping etc. are very important. Be helpful and prepared to be involved with what ever is happening during your working sessions, taking the lead from the designer or their assistants and know when to take a back seat. This may well be your first professional multimedia based experience, learn as much as you can and remember all industry-based contacts made could benefit you in the future. You will record the time you spend with the designer(s) and these experiences placed in to a 2000 word report, including evaluation. It may be possible for you to continue with your placement(s) after the end of the module and under such circumstances special arrangements for your June assessments can be negotiated with the Course Director.


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