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Wallace and Gromit

Image Manipulation Techniques

To view final image click on blue image in the red box.

I am pleased with my final outcome and I have made myself a challenge on the next stage of this project. It will be interesting trying to animate this and I am also looking forward to it.

I am also pleased with my after effects video, I found it a fun bit of software. My final still image that I used changed a bit this is because I took all parts of the critique good and negative points into account.

My After Effects side was fun to do as I learnt a brand new bit of software, I picked it up really quickly. My idea was once I got my head around the software was to flow through with the camera to show each progression part of my bedroom. When the camera zooms through the last curtain in the video you get my tv with the video playing again. The video playing came about because my tv has a random black outline but it happens to look like a person watching the video.