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Image Manipulation Techniques: Gallery with Report

When I first got the project this was my first idea and it was to do a journey of myself getting into college every day. As I walk, catch the train and the bus. I did not get very far with this as it was just one of my ideas. I used two types of cameras, which were my olympus digital camera and my mobile phone. I was hoping that my mobile phone would give me a different effect on the lens, it did sort of. All of the photos on this page are taken with my mobile phone. I then moved on to my second idea which was the journey of decorating my room.

This was my second idea and it is the journey of decorating my bedroom. I thought I would show the changes of my wardrobe, ripping it out to the new sliding doors and the area around. In this idea I experimented cutting up my photos and applying the overlay filter in Photoshop. I was keeping the photos as realistic as possible. I also tried a stencil idea with the out line of some objects in my bedroom. I put a block colour with this but as it was just an idea again I put white, I did think about other block colours but I had another idea coming to me in a another part of my room.

My final idea is the one I finished up with. It is showing my room being decorated again but from a different angle, so I can have more development in time going on. I was experimenting with the different filters in Photoshop and one stood out to me and I tried to incorporate it into my design ideas. In my design ideas I had the changes |(old to new) going from left to right in my images. This was to give a sense of a time line through my image. I then had my images in one tone of colour (for example all shades of blue). I thought up this effect from the old black and white negatives used in cameras. So this was to give my image a sense of been taken again, new.

These are the rest of the photos which I could of used, other angles in my bedroom.